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Radar for long range UAV target detection and target location in no-fly zones


Target confirmation and tracking by multispectral imaging tracking system

forced landing

Lasers or Electromagnetic Pulse Jammers for Repel, force landing and decoy operations on drones

Counter-drone systems

Why do many countries use the counter-drone systems? 

The current use of drones due to imperfect laws and regulations, users with very different purposes, and drones themselves also have the ability to transport, drop, etc., resulting in its aerial photography and real-time image transmission, to confidentiality, security and counter-terrorism and other work has brought new challenges.

Operators operate without a license, low level, low altitude flight bombing accidents occur frequently, the safety of the application of drones is worried about security. In order to cope with the security threat of small drones and respond to unexpected situations, a special solution:  counter drone system is developed for uncontrolled drone application and accident prevention.

The system can be realized in fixed area or mobile vehicle-mounted engineering deployment, to achieve automatic detection of UAV targets, automatic locking, automatic tracking, automatic attack, tracking Shuo source four-in-one 24-hour unattended system. simple operation, can be quickly assembled and deployed according to the actual situation.


How do the Counter-UAS system work?

Multi-spectral Thermal Imaging UAV Tracking and Control System Integrated Ultra-long Focal Visible Light Defog HD Network Camera Module, with Passive Infrared Thermal Imaging camera and Multi-spectral Multi-channel Day&Night Imaging camera to realize 24 hour Monitoring of Low Illumination, to Severe Fog and Haze Weather, Night, etc.


It can quickly respond to Radar Scanning to locate suspicious signals of Low Altitude, Slow Speed and Small Targets, and automatically lock and track suspicious targets in All-weather and All-time by Multi-spectral camera system; And dispose of suspicious targets automatically or manually quickly and effectively through remote counter equipment of integrated prevention and Control Platform.  


Automatically adjust the frequency and direction of Electromagnetic Interference, interfere with the Data Link and Navigation Link of UAV, cut off the communication and navigation between UAV and Remote Controller, so as to force UAV to land or drive it off automatically, and ensure the Safety of Low Altitude Airspace.


Who to buy the counter-drone systems?

It is very suitable for all kinds of places that need to prohibit Small Civilian UAVs (low-speed aircraft) from Flying, Aerial Photography around Airports, Emergency Sites, Security Sites, Important Activities Sites, Airspace of Secret Units and Various Places to prevent UAVs from falling and injuring people.  


It can provide reliable all-weather environment (No Light/Backlight /Strong Light, Rain/Snow/Fog, etc.) overall solutions for monitoring, tracking, anti-control of low-speed aircraft in key security sites such as the Public Security Frontier and Coastal Defense, Military Facilities, airport and port, etc.


What is the best counter-drone systems?

Counter-UAS system includes: radar,MultiSpectral system, Wireless jammer, control platform and other sub-systems, the system provides all-weather, all-round detection, tracking and combat of drones targets.


  • FMCW technology
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Manual handing or vehicle
  • mounted mobile application         
  • Detecting moving vehicles and personand fly
  • Lowpower consumption
  • 24 hourswork
  • Strong rejection to ground clutter,
  • Temperature range;
  • Control software
  • Low probability of false alarms
  • high detection accuracy
  • All in one system


  • Battlefield investigation
  • Oil filed protection
  • Airport security
  • Border protection
  • Boundary monitoring
  • Personnel protection


  • For Land: 1km~5km
  • For Air:  2km~5km

Mini radar system is designed to detect in land (Land mini Radar) and in Air area (Air Mini Radar)

 HD image resolution:

full real-time 1080P high-resolution visible light image and 960P resolution thermal imaging image are provided. The built-in gamma compensation, color enhancement and digital detail enhancement (DDE) engine provides excellent HD video images and fine image detail.

Multi-spectral all-weather imaging:

visible light, infrared thermal imaging detection and laser light supplement are integrated to adapt to a variety of adverse weather conditions. At night, all black, low light, low contrast, direct sunlight, shrub and jungle areas, severe rain, snow, smoke and haze weather environment can be effective imaging.

It provides real-time visual assessment and visual alarm recognition, fire detection, area invasion, target tracking and alarm, and provides all-weather motion detection and clear and transparent moving images high-strength anti-earthquake and anti-strong wind structure, increase the service life of the product, improve the stability of long-term use. Equipped with sunshade, windshield wiper and heating dehumidifier system, keep lens clean and provide clear image at any time.

Protection grade:

fully sealed design, the whole three anti-spraying treatment including stainless steel screws, joints, leads and other related accessories to meet the three anti-(moisture, mildew, salt spray) requirements. Constant temperature, waterproof, dustproof, anti-corrosion, lightning protection, anti-surge, anti-surge function, protection grade IP66.

Intelligent tracking:

after the target is detected by thermal imaging, the linked cloud platform can automatically track the target through thermal imaging or visible image.

High precision PTZ:

high precision stepper motor, providing multiple high precision preset position and self-learning trajectory, using full digital control, can be arbitrary rapid positioning and continuous tracking scan, to achieve full range, no blind spot monitoring, support self-locking.

Stable and reliable:

integrated alloy die-casting shell, original new.

RF inhibitor with FR 1.5g/2.4g and 5.8g is optional.

High Definition Image Resolution

Provide Full Real-time 1080P HD Resolution Visible Light Images and 960P Resolution Thermal Imaging Images. Built-in Gamma Compensation, Color Enhancement and Digital Detail Enhancement(DDE) Engines, Provide Superior HD Video Images and Exquisite Image Detail.

Multi-spectral All-weather Monitoring

Visible Light and Infrared Thermal Imaging Detection Integration, adapted to a variety of adverse weather conditions. In the areas of Dark Night, Insufficient Light, Low Contrast, Direct Sunlight, Bush and Jungle, bad weather conditions such as rain, snow, smoke and haze can be effectively imaged. Provide real-time Visual Evaluation and Visual Alarm Recognition, Fire Detection, Area Intrusion, Target Tracking Alarm, provide all-weather Motion Detection and clear and transparent moving images.

Long-range Detection and Target Discovery

Optional 300/500/800mm Ultra-long Focal Visible Light High Definition Camera Module, 80mm ~ 210mm Infrared Thermal Image Detection Lens are optional.  Integrated with advanced Synchronous Auto-zoom and Fast Focusing Algorithm, combined with Radar Linkage to provide the position&distance information of UAVs. The Lens can quickly zoom to a specified multiples and focus to a specified position, which can quickly detect and identify the suspicious low-speed aircraft targets in the air.  Avoiding the problem of inaccurate system judgement and inadequate automatic focusing when UAV is at a long distance.

Intelligent Tracking

After the target is detected, locking the target immediately and then linkage Illntelligent Platform to rotate to track the target automatically through Thermal Imaging or Visible Light Images.

Accurate "Capture" over Long Distance

Large Antenna Direction Angle and No Need Aiming, it can interfere and shield all Satellite Positioning Singals in a certain range, including: UHF/GPS/Beidou/Glonas/Galileo;  And simultaneously it can interfere and shield ISM 2.4G and ISM 5.8G Bands commonly used by UAV, forcing UAV to interrupt the Remote Control, Image Transfer Positioning and Singals to achieve the functions of Forced Landing/Return Flight/Hovering, long distance of interference, within 3,000 meters of Open SpaceIntelligent Tracking / Deep Learning Tracking

Image Shake Correction EIS

Support Electronic Image Anti-shaking, which compensates for Image Blurring caused by Low Frequency Vibration and improves Image Sharpness under Slight Shaking. Optional Functions.

Single IP Output

Thermal Imaging and Visible Light Dual-channel Video can achieve Dual-channel Input, and Single IP Output through a unified Fusion Encode.

Network Management

The System supports RS485 or Ethernet Protocol for unified network management. Each channel has independent switches and supports Automatic Power Level Adjustment. Optional Function.

High Precision PTZ

PTZ adopts Turbo-worm Transmission Technology, which has strong stability, high accuracy and Low Center of Gravity. High-precision Stepper Motor provides High-precision Pre-positioning and Self-learning Trajectory, with Full Digital Control, it can locate arbitrarily and Tracking Scaning continuously, realize omni-directional and non-blind spot monitoring, and support self-locking.

Stable and Reliable

Integrative Alloy Pressure Casting Housing, Innovative High-strength Anti-seismic and Anti-strong Wind Structure, increase the service life of products, enhance the stability of long-term use. Equipped with Sunshade, Wiper and Heating Dehumidification System, keep lens clean and provide clear images at any time.

Modular Design

Modular Design, Double Independent Power Supply System Design. It can change the Signal Suppression System on both sides according to the customer's requirements, and customize various working modes according to the customer's requirements. Through the Double Control of Serial Port and Network, PTZ can realize the function of "where you point to" and "where it will attack", and the real-time return rate of angle information is high.

Protection Level

Full Sealed Design, Integral Three-proof Spraying Treatment including Stainless Steel Screw, Joint, Lead Wire and other related accessories meet the requirements of Three-proof (Moisture-proof, Mildew-proof, Salt fog-proof). Constant Temperature, Water-proof, Dust-proof, Corrosion-resistant, support Lightning Protection, Surge Prevention, Breakout Prevention Functions, Protection Level IP66.

Rich Interfaces

Provide PowerSupply, Network, CVBS, Alarm Input&Output, Audio Input&Output, Storage Card and RS485 Wire-control; Optional Interface.

Rich Compatibility and Matching

Provide Onvif, GB/T 28181 Protocol Compatibility, and offer SDK and CMS Management Platform System.

OEM&ODM Counter-drone systems

We can custom or modify our auti drone systems to fit your environment and specifications.

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