Collection: Counter-drone systems

Why do many countries use the counter-drone systems?

The current use of drones due to imperfect laws and regulations, users with very different purposes, and drones themselves also have the ability to transport, drop, etc., resulting in its aerial photography and real-time image transmission, to confidentiality, security and counter-terrorism and other work has brought new challenges.

Operators operate without a license, low level, low altitude flight bombing accidents occur frequently, the safety of the application of drones is worried about security. In order to cope with the security threat of small drones and respond to unexpected situations, a special solution: counter drone system is developed for uncontrolled drone application and accident prevention.

The system can be realized in fixed area or mobile vehicle-mounted engineering deployment, to achieve automatic detection of UAV targets, automatic locking, automatic tracking, automatic attack, tracking Shuo source four-in-one 24-hour unattended system. simple operation, can be quickly assembled and deployed according to the actual situation.

How do the Counter-UAS system work?

Multi-spectral Thermal Imaging UAV Tracking and Control System Integrated Ultra-long Focal Visible Light Defog HD Network Camera Module, with Passive Infrared Thermal Imaging camera and Multi-spectral Multi-channel Day&Night Imaging camera to realize 24 hour Monitoring of Low Illumination, to Severe Fog and Haze Weather, Night, etc.

It can quickly respond to Radar Scanning to locate suspicious signals of Low Altitude, Slow Speed and Small Targets, and automatically lock and track suspicious targets in All-weather and All-time by Multi-spectral camera system; And dispose of suspicious targets automatically or manually quickly and effectively through remote counter equipment of integrated prevention and Control Platform.

Automatically adjust the frequency and direction of Electromagnetic Interference, interfere with the Data Link and Navigation Link of UAV, cut off the communication and navigation between UAV and Remote Controller, so as to force UAV to land or drive it off automatically, and ensure the Safety of Low Altitude Airspace.

Who to buy the counter-drone systems?

It is very suitable for all kinds of places that need to prohibit Small Civilian UAVs (low-speed aircraft) from Flying, Aerial Photography around Airports, Emergency Sites, Security Sites, Important Activities Sites, Airspace of Secret Units and Various Places to prevent UAVs from falling and injuring people.

It can provide reliable all-weather environment (No Light/Backlight /Strong Light, Rain/Snow/Fog, etc.) overall solutions for monitoring, tracking, anti-control of low-speed aircraft in key security sites such as the Public Security Frontier and Coastal Defense, Military Facilities, airport and port, etc.

What is the best counter-drone systems?

Counter-UAS system includes: radar,MultiSpectral system, Wireless jammer, control platform and other sub-systems, the system provides all-weather, all-round detection, tracking and combat of drones targets.
  • Detecting

    Radar for long range UAV target detection and target location in no-fly zones

  • Tracking

    Target confirmation and tracking by multispectral imaging tracking system

  • forced landing

    Lasers or Electromagnetic Pulse Jammers for Repel, force landing and decoy operations on drones

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