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Project Background

According to data compiled by accident investigation agencies around the world, 48% of accidents occur during the departure and approach of an aircraft, which shows that the departure and approach of an aircraft is the most critical process for safe flight. In order to ensure the safety of aircraft take-offs and landings, airport safety departments are using more and more technical means and technologies are becoming more and more sophisticated. One of the newest technologies is the aircraft take-off and landing video observation and tracking system, which is designed to track, monitor and analyse images of aircraft during take-off and landing.


Airport runway inspection System Introduction

The aircraft take-off and landing photoelectric tracking, airport runway safety monitoring system provides ground information that enables controllers to better monitor airport activities and helps prevent accidents. The safety monitoring systems alert when the runway is used for entry, crossing fire take-off is not clear. They are fully automated, warning safety systems that require no input from controllers and which activate alarms to give pilots of approaching aircraft visual warning when the runway is occupied and the landing is dangerous. The chances of damage from aircraft running off the runway are reduced.

The Airport Runway Safety Monitoring System persuasively scans the runway area 24 hours a day, monitoring and locating objects that could potentially be sucked into aircraft engines or damage aircraft tyres and other objects in depth. The system is equipped with high specification day and night cameras for remote visual confirmation of detected FOD (runway debris). The system is capable of 360° surveillance and can detect and track a wide range of static and dynamic targets. It can also be used in conjunction with existing airport surveillance systems. It can work in all weather conditions and at night. It has additional functions such as tracking moving objects on the surface, observing foreign objects on the runway, maintaining perimeter security and detecting birds of prey.


Monitoring Application solutions

The aircraft take-off and landing video observation and tracking system is an important equipment for the airport security department to observe, monitor and track the aircraft take-off and landing process, in order to monitor the airport take-off and landing situation, to clear the safety hazards in time and to ensure aviation safety.

With the rise of AI intelligent applications, its video lookout tracking system should have the following characteristics: 24-hour all-weather, long operating distance for target (aircraft) take-off and landing detection, accurate and fast confirmation of take-off and landing targets, continuous and stable tracking process, clear and stable images at long distances, and the system can be operated automatically to complete.

The solution should meet airport safety operations, improve duty efficiency, big data review and multi-state warning, providing a more diverse and powerful technical tool for airport ground security.

System advantages

Core technology

Using high-end image sensors and intelligent image processing technology, dynamic tracking and depth algorithm technology, the system automatically suspects discovery and tracking, without the need for back-end platform support to run, significantly improving system operability.

High Performance

A wide range of active and passive optical sensors can be used in combination to effectively detect, capture and track targets in clear daylight, dark nights and foggy days with poor visibility, enabling all-weather use.


Standardised and modular design technology, good scalability, easy maintenance and overhaul. The system hardware adopts "three-proof", sealed design technology, which is conducive to long-term use in harsh environments.


Full English control interface, graphic operation buttons, intuitive and easy to operate.

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