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Customize PTZ systems:

Our Pan till housing system can be used in high temperature environments, long range applications, marine surveillance, harsh environments, penetrating fog, rain, snow and many other surveillance applications. 

What kinds of Lens and camera are matched with Fengtaida Pan tilt housing in stock

Pan tilt Housing IRS  IRS2  IR6
Resolution 1080p, 5M 1080p, 5M 1080p, 5M, 4K
Option Zoom 20X, 36X 20X, 36X 20X, 36X
IR Range Max 200M Max 200M Max 500M


What we can customize for you?

  • Pan Tilt Housing
  • Camera
  • motorized Lens
  • IR Infrared
  • Specified firmware

What kinds of Option We customize?

  • PoE
  • Solar Panel
  • 4G
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