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AI2322D Panoramic camera /23X 1080P Speed dome Camera

  • Supports 180-degree panoramic view capturing 110°images
  • PTZ technology, suitable for fast locking and tracking
  • 23x optical zoom
  • Starlight HD quality.
  • day and night full colormax 150m.


AI Smart tracking:

  • Patent vision algorithm,
  • automatic calibration,
  • accurate spot-area linkage algorithm
  • face detection,
  • humam detection,
  • vehicle detection,  
  • licenseplate recognition



The DORI (detect, observe, recognize, identify) distance gives the general idea of the camera ability to distinguish persons or objects within its field of view.

  • Max target trucking: 20/min
  • Max moving target locking:>60
  • Minimum moving target detect pixel 3x3
  • Target tracking switching time: less than 0.4s
  • Face can be detected distance: 70m
  • Face can be recognized distance:50m
  • Human can be detected distance:150m
  • Vehicle can be detected distance:200m


Available models: FTD AI 2322D (2X2.8mm, 5mm~117mm) (2Bullet/1PTZ)