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Recommend system: (support one speed dome camera)

  • working 1-2 days:  200W+120AH
  • working 3-5 days:  300W+180AH
  • working 5-10 days:  400W+240AH


Package Included:

100W Solar Panel: 

  • Type: Monocrystalline silicon;  
  • Power: up to 100W
  • Working range: -40°-85°;      
  • Working voltage: 18V
  • Frame material: high quality aluminum alloy
  • Conversion performance: 18%;   
  • Dimensions: 150*54cm
  • Weight: 8.3KG;                 
  • Service life: >25 years


60AH Ternary lithium battery:

12V 60AH ternary polymer lithium battery, 

protection circuit, overshoot protection, over discharge protection, short circuit protection, over current protection, high temperature protection.

High energy density, small size, no need to bury, long life, more than 1000 charge and discharge times.


Digital display controller:

Intelligent digital display, working status at a glance, support the maximum charge and discharge current 30A 12V overshoot, anti-over-discharge. Trickle charging to extend battery life.


Boost power supply:

12V boost 24V power supply for 24V dome


Stainless steel waterproof box:

Standard 40*50 cm stainless steel equipment box, used to place batteries, controllers, switches and other accessories, send a pole bracket, to prevent battery plug-in, better protect the battery.


Solar panel bracket:

Solar panel double board bracket set + single board bracket set (can be pole, roof, ground multiple installation)


Comes with accessories:

The solar panel includes a custom 3 m cable (no need to manually wire),

1 m 12V DC line, and the bridge uses POE power supply module.

The battery board is assembled with a wrench and the controller is mounted with a screwdriver.

Download document:


  • 5.8GHz frequency for diversification;
  • 5.8G frequency super anti-interference;
  • Multiple operation modes to meet different user needs;
  • Full Gigabit ports;
  • Timed Reboot.

What’s in the box?

  • -Wireless Bridge
  • -Power Adapter
  • -Bracket
  • -User Manual 

Wall mount Bracket is used with the corresponding equipment and is not sold separately.

Weight: 0.6KG

The Ceiling / Pendant Mount is used with the corresponding fengtaida Ptz equipment and is not sold separately.

    Weight: 0.86KG
    Corner Mount is used with the corresponding equipment and is not sold separately.

    Power Bracket is used with the corresponding equipment and is not sold separately.

    Weight: 2.58KG

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