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FengtaiDa is a high-tech security enterprise. The company pays special attention to R&D technology and has applied for dozens of invention patents, many of which are in the position of world leaders. Here is an overview of the patents that Fengtaida has accumulated over the years. From internal structure to exterior design, Fengtaida has rich technical experience and R&D strength. 

You can find them through Google Patents links and find the description of the technology. I hope these can help users.

Patents citations filed by (SHENZHEN FENGTAffiA ELECTRONICS CO., LTD) 深圳丰泰达电子有限公司

  1. Automatically cleaning monitoring camera
  2. Sealed structure of spherical security protection monitoring apparatus
  3. Spherical camera with built-in heating and cooling system
  4. Heating and cooling system inside hose machine of monitoring equipment
  5. Spherical security monitoring device
  6. A kind of water repellent component and ball machine
  7. Installation component, panoramic camera component and ball machine
  8. Zoom lens synchronization and integration image pick-up device
  9. A kind of panoramic shooting head assembly and ball machine
  10. A kind of water repellent component and ball machine(CN209676343U)  
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