• 4G Network connection

    Supporting 100% 3G/4G LTE cellular wireless for outdoor solution

    Find the outdoor CPE 
  • DIY Solar Powered System

    Custom non-stop Solar power data regarding the working days. Max working 30 days.

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  • 24/7 continuous watching.

    Support 24/7 continuous recording, Both support motion detection recording and live recording.

  • Work both PC and Mobile

    Support smartphone and tablet and support PC/Windows.

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How to install Solar Power for Outdoor Wireless Cameras

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No electronic and No Network Areas

Solar Power Outdoor surveillance installation Question & Answers

What is the best cellular solar powered security cameras?

The solar power security camera is a low-power IP camera powered by a solar panel application. The camera system detects abnormal activity and achieves alarm. Using 4G or 5G network for remote and capture HD video transmission. The advantage of the solar security camera: Easy to install and has low maintenance costs.  Anyway, Many good aspects for no wifi and no electronic condition. 

What is included in solar cellular security cameras kit?

A best Cellular solar wireless video surveillance systems include a solar power panel system, a battery management system, a security camera system, a video recording system like NVR, a data transmission system like a wireless network bridge.

Which wireless cellular networks are the security camera compatible with?

Our solar camera system can support most of wireless network operator like  AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint etc.  Most of them are support off-grid security system. 

How much are solar security cameras system?

The price of the outdoor solar camera varies depending on the actual installing environment and the customer's budget. Generally, the camera pixels, the storage capacity, the bandwidth of the Verizon cellular network, the distance of transmission, and the number of days of battery use cause the price to vary. Differences in design solutions and actual installation scenarios can also differentiate the price. Prices range from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars.  No really cheap outdoor cellular security camera with solar system equipment available for use outside. 

How to buy the best selling wireless solar security cameras?

First, you should consult with our surveillance consultant to explain the install environment and requirements for your surveillance installation, followed by your budget for a customized solar camera security system. Our install consultants will make a surveillance solution that saves you money and effort based on these conditions.

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