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industrial-Grade Outdoor Ptz Camera

Range of up to 5 miles in day and 200m-5km at night vision.

continuous 360° rotation

Full 360° panning rotation, a -15° ~ 90° tilt ability.Security at Every Angle.High-Performance Pan-Tilts system.

Intelligent Features

to detected events. Set up alarms, auto tracking or identify people and car or plane objects.

Advanced Features

matched thermal cameras, visible cameras, laser light, and microwave antennas. radar system. Solar system etc.

Outdoor Speed dome Security Camera

  • Supports 180-degree panoramic view capturing 110°images
  • PTZ technology, suitable for fast locking and tracking
  • 23x optical zoom
  • Starlight HD quality.
  • day and night full colormax 150m.


AI Smart tracking:

  • Patent vision algorithm,
  • automatic calibration,
  • accurate spot-area linkage algorithm
  • face detection,
  • humam detection,
  • vehicle detection,  
  • licenseplate recognition



The DORI (detect, observe, recognize, identify) distance gives the general idea of the camera ability to distinguish persons or objects within its field of view.

  • Max target trucking: 20/min
  • Max moving target locking:>60
  • Minimum moving target detect pixel 3x3
  • Target tracking switching time: less than 0.4s
  • Face can be detected distance: 70m
  • Face can be recognized distance:50m
  • Human can be detected distance:150m
  • Vehicle can be detected distance:200m


Available models: FTD AI 2322D (2X2.8mm, 5mm~117mm) (2Bullet/1PTZ)

IR6 Series IP HD High IR Dome Camera

Main Used in the matt and light weak places for a wide range of high-definition quality monitoring. Coaxial control, video transmission distance up to 500M,

30X optical zoom,IR distance 500m,

weather proof grade IP66.


  • 1080p Full HD SONY 1/2.8” CMOS
  • 20x option zoom.
  • Max 200m for night vision. 
  • Support PoE and wifi, Auto-tracking.  
  • -45˚C ~ +70˚C. 
  • Max 125GB Built-in SD memory
  • IP66 waterproof
  • Support Onvif. 

    • 2 MP resolution High quality 
    • Up to 200m IR night vision
    • Up to 36X optical zoom
    • Patent air wiper 
    • Water and dust resistant (IP66) and IK10
    • Auto tracking for human targets based on deep learning

    Main features:

    • Speed Dome Outdoor IP Camera,Waterproof IP66
    • High Resolution 2.0MP CMOS Sensor
    • Lens: 20X optical zoom (90 Degrees)
    • 12Pcs array leds supplement light(Support color night vision),
    • 50M IR Night Vision
    • Built-in Microphone,Support Two Way Audio Talk
    • P2P Motion Detect, Video lost, Network Break
    • Wireless Protocols : 802.11b/g/n, 150Mbps, 10-30m
    • Support Iphone, Android Smart phone
    • PTZ: rotates 360 degrees left and right and rotates 90 degrees verticall



    • Max 4K Resolution.
    • Max thermal image 640x512 Resolution, 25mm Fixed Thermal Lens
    • high sensitivity sensor
    • Max Powerful 45x optical zoom 
    • support Temperature measurement function (optional) 
    • Support various OSD information overlay.
    • Accurate focus, high speed, great image effects, precise color reproduction, excellent night vision with low light effects.

      Available Choice: 

      • 1080p 45X optical zoom ;  640p 25mm thermal image camera

      • 1080p 45X optical zoom;  380p 25mm thermal image camera

      • 1080p 35X optical zoom ;  640p 25mm thermal image camera

      • 1080p 45X optical zoom; 500m laser night vision camera




      Wall mount Bracket is used with the corresponding equipment and is not sold separately.

      Weight: 0.6KG

      Corner Mount is used with the corresponding equipment and is not sold separately.

      The Ceiling / Pendant Mount is used with the corresponding fengtaida Ptz equipment and is not sold separately.

        Power Bracket is used with the corresponding equipment and is not sold separately.

        Weight: 2.58KG

        Weight: 0.86KG

        Wholesale Speed dome camera

        What is outdoor ptz speed dome camera?

        Speed dome camera features the pan/tilt head moving pan 360 degree continuous rotation and in the vertical direction (90 degree), and to zoom in or out to see further details. It offers you a wide range like "wide view and "clear view".

        Why to wholesale FTD outdoor dome PTZ camera?

        No 01: CTC™ technology:
        Feature Auto Temperature Control and cool system. Built-in fan and heater for harsh environments ensures optimal performance in extreme low and hot temperatures up to 70 °C and all the way down to -50 °C.

        No 02: Air Wiper:
        Patented invisible wiper technology can supports efficient, high pressure cleaning by removing the water drops from lens automatically in rainy weather and no scratch existed.

        No 03: Micro-Step Technology
        Due to the Micro-step technology, on step angle is divided by 280. Accordingly, accuracy as well as ultra-low sound noise can be achieved. Micro-step technology enables ultra-low speed down to 0.05·/s.

        No 04: Built-in step out compensation with feedback control
        Zero deviation positioning technology for ensuring high precision and accuracy in preset,never losing presets and group(patrol).

        High precision closed loop stepper motors and gears to provide accuracy, smoothness, stability and quietness of movements. Industrial grade high precision bearings with light load for high speed rotation, high precision, high speed, low temperature, silent and smooth and long service life.

        No 05: WeatherProof Design and Vandal Resistance
        With IP66 protection, the camera ensures normal operation regardless of rain, snow or storm.

        No 06: All in one Design for outdoor ptz camera
        Built-in antenna technology make snapshot beauty and No wireless signal reduction.

        No 07: Large Field of View of camera
        high-speed, precision pan/tilt/zoom capabilities, these PTZ cameras enable exceptional coverage of large areas and superb zoomed-in details. ensures stability and excellent image quality for long-term use.

        No 08: Easy installation:
        Quick-assembly structure, and additional anti-fall line, can be quickly disassembled, convenient for the installation and maintenance of the engineer. Meet the wall mounting, celling and other installation methods. Templated design of internal hardware structure, each part is individually molded. Make the installation easy and maintenance faster.

        No 09: Simple design industrial grade structure
        Speed dome is designed in accordance with engineering mechanics. The appearance is simple and beautiful.

        The shell adopts a new generation of aluminum alloy, industrial grade stamping process,
        integrated molding and compact structure. Ensure the strength of the high-speed shell, will not be deformed in the process of transportation and maintenance.

        Material and surface spraying treatment, anti-UV car grade paint technology, dust-proof, anti corrosion, High explosion-proof grade, corrosion resistance, longer service life.

        No 10: Fully digital design.
        Data is stored on the connection board, no data loss in power failure. User can customize and set multiple protocols.

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