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Professional Outdoor PTZ dome camera Family

Best outdoor Pan tilt Zoom camera supplier

9 inch full Crash-proof aluminum alloy shell to work normally in harsh environments. 360 degrees without blind area. with Mechanical Wiper;

Visible Camera

  • 1/2” (1.2.8” )Sony Exmor CMOS Sensor.
  • Powerful 30X (35x) optical zoom (6~210mm).
  • Max. 2Mp(1920x1080) Resolution

Thermal Camera

  • 640x512 Resolution, high sensitivity sensor
  • 12um Pixel pitch.
  • 25mm Fixed Thermal Lens
IR6 Bi-Spectrum thermal/optical Camera IR6 Bi-Spectrum thermal/optical Camera

    Multi spectrum Thermal Network PTZ camera equipped with High sensitivity Light image and thermal module camera. The alarm system helps you discover unexpected events immediately and protects you from property loss.

    This camera is also equipped with a day/night ICR, filtering the infrared light that affects the image quality, the daytime image is truly restored, clear and delicate, and the night image is clean and less noisy.

    Support 90 degrees, High speed 360 degrees image rotation, suitable for traffic lights, supermarket checkout counters, narrow corridors aisles and other special areas


    • Max thermal image 640x512 Resolution, 25mm Fixed Thermal Lens
    • high sensitivity sensor
    • Max Powerful 35x optical zoom
    • support Temperature measurement function (optional) 
    • Support various OSD information overlay.
    • Accurate focus, high speed, great image effects, precise color reproduction, excellent night vision with low light effects.


    Full HD image quality
    provides superior Full HD picture quality resolutions outputting live images at 30fps at this resolution. A built-in gamma compensation and color enhancement engine provides superior HD video images.

    supports H.265/H.264/ compression standard, and it is highly adaptable to front and back-end compatibility, with high-definition image quality, low latency and low bit rate to save network bandwidth and storage space to the maximum.

    35x optical zoom
    Equipped with a high-resolution 35x optical zoom lens. Integrated with advanced autofocus and fast focus algorithms, it can track objects in a longer field of view and achieve perfect high-speed autofocus.

    4A Control
    provides built-in broadcast-grade 4A automatic control processing program, which can automatically adjust the white balance, exposure, gain and precisely control the lens aperture according to the environmental scene changes in order to make the image effect and depth of field get better results.

    Day & Night ICR
    equipped with a day/night ICR, filtering the infrared light that affects the image quality, the daytime image is truly restored, clear and delicate, and the night image is clean and less noisy.

    Wide Dynamic + Low Illumination
    provides good low Illumination, digital wide dynamic range and strong light inhibition, adaptable to low-light, high-contrast and bright light environments

    Dual channel output
    This camera supports IP encoding output, and also supports HDMI output HD video.

    3D noise reduction
    Based on 3D digital noise reduction algorithm, it can eliminate image noise, effectively reduce image noise in low light conditions and improve clarity.

    Multi-zone smart OSD
    a supports multi-zone intelligent OSD character overlay, supporting national standard characters, time and date, scene name and custom OSD. font size, color, position can be customized.

    Pan tilt zoom rotation
    Pan: 360° (Endless) Tilt: -10° ~ 90° (Flip), 360 degrees without blind area. suitable for traffic lights, supermarket checkout counters, narrow corridors aisles and other special areas.

    Rich interfaces
    This movement provides rich interfaces such as Net Port,CVBS, SDXC, Alarm In/Out, RS485, Audio In/Out and power supply.

    High scalability
    This movement is compatible with ONVIF, GB/T 2818 protocol, provides SDK development kit, and supports CMS system centralized management.

    IRW model is an outdoor speed dome camera equipped with 1/1.8" progressive CMOS sensor chips and 36x option zoom lens and up to 8m resolution, he camera offer more detail clearly and furtherly. Adopted the wiper detecting rain intelligently and removing water automatically. Camera widely used for wide ranges of high-definition area like engineering, traffic, mines and railways industries etc. Camera can rotate 360° endless horizontally at high speed and rotate 90° vertically , delivering a wider live view, leaving no “dead area”.


    • High quality imaging with 8 MP resolution
    • 1/1.8" progressive scan low lux CMOS sensor
    • H.265, H.264 or MJPEG
    • 50x optical zoom and
    • Starlight Laser IR distance up to 1000 m
    • Crash-proof aluminum alloy shell
    • Wide temperature tolerance (-40°C ~ 70°C)
    • Built-in SD card slot for local storage
    • Support PoE/ AC 24V
    • IP66, IK10 (excluding glass window), TVS 6000V
    • lightning protection, surge protection and
    • voltage transient protection
    • Equipped with Mechanical Wiper
    20X /30X /36X H.265+ IR6 High speed IR Camera 20X /30X /36X H.265+ IR6 High speed IR Camera

      9 inch full Crash-proof aluminum alloy shell, intelligent temperature control allows the speed dome ptz camera to work normally in harsh environments. 360 degrees without  blind area  and Max 4K for monitoring. Auto-focus and auto-tracking function.

      Night vision up to 500 meters, so you can see farther and clearer. IR6 PTZ dome camera and can to withstand extreme environment which -45 ˚C ~ +70˚C circumstance.

      IR6 Series IP HD High IR Dome Camera Main Used in the dark and light weak places for a wide range of high-definition quality monitoring. Coaxial control, video transmission distance up to 500M.

      Patent CTC technology
      By used Gore-tex technology, the water vapour in PTZ camera can be eliminated perfectly. Wiper-less design and lens Glass coating technology protects against rain and dust.

      CTC technology could make cooling down quickly. Our PTZ cameras can operate perfectly in temperature up to 70℃. With built-in intelligent heater, the stability of PTZ camera is as usual even in temperature as low as-45℃.

      Equiped with Auto Temp Control and cool system. Built-in fan and heater for harsh environments ensures best performance in extreme low and hot temperatures

      Defog technology
      Balance the internal cooling and heating through 360 degrees controlled air flow to ensure there's no humidity around internal dome. To perform clear image.

      Capture Simultaneously
      360°endless horizontal rotation, and tilt 90 degrees. Full 360° over view, Capture every detail with great precision simultaneously. Give super performance

      High-power Night Vision
      By used built-in one high-power mono-crystal IR light realizing the synchronous zoom of infrared and camera. Capture every detail with great precision.

      Homing automatically
      By used built-in analytic circuit to control the monitoring position accurately and homing automatically while it's deviated away from preset position especially caused by non-human action such like typhoon, violent.

      Durable housing
      Housing is Made of aircraft grade aluminum alloy, this camera is ideal for outdoor surveillance. It can be used normally no matter it rains or bad weather. No Corrosion after 300hr salt spray test.


      • 20X, 30X,36X optical zoom are available,
      • Laser Night vision distance can reach 500m,
      • Patent CTC technology
      • Crash-proof aluminum alloy shell
      • Auto-focus and auto-tracking


      IR speed ptz dome camera infrared ptz dome camera
        IRS2 model is an outdoor speed dome camera equipped with Max 5M, night vision up to 200 meters and 36x option zoom.  Endless 360 degrees rotation and variable speed. Adopt the patent air wiper detecting rain intelligently and removing water automatically. IP66 waterproof and IK10 grade adapt to normal operation in bad weather. Widely used in engineering, traffic, mines and other industries.
        • Up to 200m IR night vision
        • Up to 36X optical zoom
        • Patent air wiper 
        • Water and dust resistant (IP66) and IK10
        • Auto tracking for human targets based on deep learning

          For Speed Dome camera with mechanical wiper


          The World's First “Air wiper”Patented invisible wiper Technology.
          By Smart rain sensor,Camera can clear Rainwater & Deducting automatically. Extremely suitable for the harshest environment. Clear rainwater timely and no rain drop, speed dome Camera glass will never be hurt for using invisible wiper. This kinds of wiper can work is up to 60 months. IRS2 Smart wiper will stop working automatically. There's no rain masks/drops on lens glass. Smart wiper can make dedusting and do not hurt glass for using advanced technology, that will help to provide high quality image.

          Mechanical wiper
          Camera glass will be scratched for using wiper and it will deliver blurred image and Image will be easily sheltered. This kinds of Wiper function usually started by manual. It lifetime is about 3-10 months. Normally it to make wiper stop working only by human operation. Rain traces will be stayed on glass after rain stopped. No Dust removal function because Mechanical wiper will hurt glass surface. To clean dust only can be made by human operation.

          IRS 20X /30X /36X H.265+ IR Speed Dome Camera IRS 20X /30X /36X H.265+ IR Speed Dome Camera

            IRS Series PTZ dome camera features Max 4k matched with SONY 1/2.8” CMOS and 20x ~36X option zoom. Long range Max 200m for night vision. Let you see farther and clearer day and night. Support PoE and wifi, Auto-tracking.  Especially the housing of speed dome camera can withstand the extreme environment of -45˚C ~ +70˚C. Built-in SD memory can support Max 125GB which can stores about 30 days for 2m Pixel. IP66 for outdoor waterproof and Support Onvif. 

            Pan Tilt Zoom Solution
            360 degrees endless horizontal rotation, and 90 degrees downward movement.

            Night Vision up to 500m
            with 8 pieces of IR LED. The infrared illumination distance can reach up to 100m depending on camera you choose.

            Support ONVIF & NVR
            Support RTSP / ONVIF / NVR / FTP, Support Sim card and NVR storage for max 12 month long time recording.

            Support PoE (optinal)
            Work wired or PoE solution. DIY Optional wifi connection for short or long range.

            Strengthens speed dome performance with an IK10 rated housing against rain, dust, and corrosion. To operate range from -50°C to 75°C temperature.

            Scheduled or Auto pattern scan
            To schedule Max 250 pattern and Automatically move. Auto Pan and Auto scan to match Auto Focus within 2-3 second simultaneously, saving cost and labors.

            Easy to install
            Easy to install and set up in minutes. Enables remote monitoring

            Highly clear images
            With a Max resolution of 4K, Cut edge WDR and Low Light sense lens it produces clear and vivd image.

            FA3 speed dome For Modular Outdoor Housing Solution, is made of aluminium housing and an 8-inch transparent dome. Waterproof reaches IP67 standard and pass CE and FCC certified. Our dome housing Adopts inbuilt stepping motor mechanical technology, minimal and easy to install structure design.

            Compatible with most brand camera modules on the market like Dahua, Hikvision, Sony etc. Installing with Wall-mounted and ceiling-mounted are applied to a variety of occasions.

            Matched with Full HD or 4K and 20x or 30x optical zoom camera modules, Ideal for an outdoor application like bank or airport, city traffic.

            Preset speed can reach 260 degrees per second; This high speed dome models can achieve the best security protection by auto-scan auto cruise without human labour. 

            Full metal housing, equipped with a 20x lens, 2 megapixel HD and infrared night vision allows you to see things more clearly. 

            Anti-impact and waterproof adapt to any harsh environment in. Two-way voice puts you in control. Built-in alarm function and automatic tracking settings make your home safer.
            Supports wired and wireless connection, small ptz dome camera you can hold in your hand. Supports live monitoring by app software and build in storage data max 125MB. Also it can match the NVR. This mini high speed dome camera is suitable for use in Luxury buiding. Indoor and outdoor.


            360° ENDLESS ROTATION
            designed specifically for monitoring large areas. so you can view every corner of your property. Plus, the infrared LEDs provide clear night vision, so you can keep an eye on things even when it's dark.

            Motion detection
            This security camera can detect movement and send alerts to your phone or email. It's designed specifically for keeping an eye on your home or office.

            TWO-WAY VOICE
            the person monitoring the footage can also talk to the people in the area. This can be handy for ensuring that everyone is safe, and also for tracking down people who may be trying to steal something.


            Main features:

            • Mini outdoor Speed Dome Outdoor IP Camera,Waterproof IP66
            • High Resolution 2.0MP CMOS Sensor
            • Lens: 20X optical zoom (90 Degrees)
            • 12Pcs array leds supplement light(Support color night vision),
            • 50M IR Night Vision
            • Built-in Microphone,Support Two Way Audio Talk
            • P2P Motion Detect, Video lost, Network Break
            • Wireless Protocols : 802.11b/g/n, 150Mbps, 10-30m
            • Support Iphone, Android Smart phone
            • PTZ: rotates 360 degrees left and right and rotates 90 degrees verticall

            • Supports 180-degree panoramic view capturing 110°images
            • PTZ technology, suitable for fast locking and tracking
            • 23x optical zoom
            • Starlight HD quality.
            • day and night full colormax 150m.


            AI Smart tracking:

            • Patent vision algorithm,
            • automatic calibration,
            • accurate spot-area linkage algorithm
            • face detection,
            • humam detection,
            • vehicle detection,  
            • licenseplate recognition



            The DORI (detect, observe, recognize, identify) distance gives the general idea of the camera ability to distinguish persons or objects within its field of view.

            • Max target trucking: 20/min
            • Max moving target locking:>60
            • Minimum moving target detect pixel 3x3
            • Target tracking switching time: less than 0.4s
            • Face can be detected distance: 70m
            • Face can be recognized distance:50m
            • Human can be detected distance:150m
            • Vehicle can be detected distance:200m


            Available models: FTD AI 2322D (2X2.8mm, 5mm~117mm) (2Bullet/1PTZ)

            Video analytics & auto tracking technology

            By our latest idetify Ai technology, speed dome can Support alarm triggering or auto tracking, auto focus and aoto zoom in/out simultaneously by detecting and recognize specified target types (human and vehicle). See clearly moving target and reduce false motion detection events.

            360° Endless rotation

            The most important feature of our high-speed dome camera is that the camera uses a pan-tilt mechanism to achieve full 360° panning rotation and 0° ~ 90° tilt ability and cover wide area. Effectively Security at Every Angle and allow you to get a clear view of any area, and 360° Endless rotation for a complete view of your surroundings.

            Cut-edge long range IR night vision technology

            Powered about 9 pcs infrared LEDs and laser light with advanced IR technology and low-light sensitive Starlight image sensor. Our speed dome cameras can automatically detect night brightness and adjust the zoom status to achieve live video surveillance. idea for easier identification, detection and recognition even at dark night. Max can reach about 5m range at night.

            Instant & accurate positioning System

            Manual speed mini 0.1°/sec ensures a smooth image when zooming in, and Max 250°/sec allows fast tracking of moving targets. Preset speed 280°/sec can locate and auto scan monitor position in 2-3 second. Fast and accurate positioning and tracking of fast moving targets

            Simplicity Design & Easy installation:

            The housing body is simple and beautiful. All in one system design, Built-in antenna technology make snapshot beauty and No wireless signal reduction. Each part is individually molded. Quick-assembly structure can be quickly disassembled, convenient for installation and maintenance of the engineer. Match the wall mounting, celling and other installation Bracket.

            IK10 and IP67 ratings.

            The housing body is simple and beautiful. It adopts a new generation of aluminum alloy, through industrial grade stamping process, integrated molding and compact structure. Ensure the strength of the high-speed housing, will not be deformed in the process of transportation and maintenance. Surface spraying treatment and anti-UV car grade paint technology make dust-proof, anti-corrosion happen.

            QA About Professional Outdoor PTZ dome camera

            Where Can you install speed dome camera?
            Due to the camera Matched long-range field of view lens, it makes them ideal for viewing broad areas and long distances, such as traffic roads, airport areas, Bank, Farm etc. Normally, The PTZ camera could detect the moving targets at a distance of approximately 500 meters during the day and 200 meters at night. No details of the moving target will be lost.

            What is outdoor IR high speed dome positioning camera?
            The camera Equipped with Pan speed of Preset basically can reaches 200°/sec or more is calledhigh speed dome camera.

            How to select & buy a right outdoor speed dome camera?
            If you want to choose best speed dome camera outdoor, Look at three features: lens, revolution and night vision. Basically, It is best idea definitely choose the fixed lens camera like2.8mm or 3.6mmIf you just detect small range not more than 15m(or 50 foot). More than 100m (30foot) area, motorized zoom lens like 12mm-130mm are very good choice for use. Like farm or fish area, It is ideal to buy 20X or 30X optical zoom to detect and recognize moving people or cars. 4K and high IR night vision range can offer the clear, high performance and high image quality. If you use mobile app to monitor, max 5m and 20X is enough to choose.

            What's price range to buy outdoor ptz dome camera?
            a cheap speed dome home used camera maybe below 50USD and high quality professional security cameras will cost more than 500USD-30000USD. The price of a ptz dome camera will vary depending on the different AI features and the install application with which it is paired.

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