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What is outdoor IR high speed dome positioning camera?

The camera Equipped with Pan speed of Preset basically can reaches 200°/sec or more is called high speed dome camera

Where Can you install speed dome camera?

Due to the camera Matched long-range field of view lens, it makes them ideal for viewing broad areas and long distances, such as traffic roads, airport areas, etc. Normally, The PTZ camera could detect the moving targets at a distance of approximately 500 meters during the day and 200 meters at night. No details of the moving target will be lost. 

How to select & buy a right outdoor speed dome camera?

If you want to choose best speed dome camera outdoor, Look at three features: lens, revolution and night vision.  Basically, It is best idea definitely choose the fixed lens camera like 2.8mm or 3.6mm If you just detect small range not more than 15m (or 50 foot).  More than 100m (30foot) area,  motorized zoom lens like 12mm-96mm are very good choice for use.  Like farm or fish area, It is ideal to buy 20X or 30X optical zoom to detect and recognize moving people or cars.  4K and high IR night vision range can offer the clear, high performance and high image quality. If you use mobile app to monitor, max 5m and 20X is enough to choose. 

What's price range to buy outdoor ptz dome camera?

a cheap speed dome home used camera maybe below 50USD and high quality professional security cameras will cost more than 500USD-30000USD. The price of a ptz dome camera will vary depending on the different AI features and the install application with which it is paired.


Smart update Recognize and auto tracking technology

By our latest idetify technology, Camera can Support alarm triggering or auto tracking, auto focus and aoto zoom in/out simultaneously by detecting and recognize specified target types (human and vehicle). See clearly moving target.

360° Endless rotation

The most important feature of our high-speed dome camera is that the camera uses a pan-tilt mechanism to achieve full 360° panning rotation and 0° ~ 90° tilt ability and cover wide area. Effectively Security at Every Angle and allow you to get a clear view of any area, and 360° Endless rotation for a complete view of your surroundings.

  • Instant Pan tilt positioning System

    Manual speed mini 0.1°/sec ensures a smooth image when zooming in, and Max 250°/sec allows fast tracking of moving targets.

    Preset speed 280°/sec can locate and auto scan monitor position in 2-3 second. Fast and accurate positioning and tracking of fast moving targets

  •  IK10 and IP67 ratings.

    The housing body is simple and beautiful. It adopts a new generation of aluminum alloy, through industrial grade stamping process, integrated molding and compact structure. Ensure the strength of the high-speed housing, will not be deformed in the process of transportation and maintenance. Surface spraying treatment and anti-UV car grade paint technology make dust-proof, anti-corrosion happen.

  • Simplicity Design

    The housing body is simple and beautiful. All in one system design, Built-in antenna technology make snapshot beauty and No wireless signal reduction 

  • Cut-edge long range IR night vision technology

    Powered about 9 pcs infrared LEDs and laser light with advanced IR technology and powerful optical zoom capability. Our speed dome cameras can automatically detect night brightness and adjust the zoom status to achieve live video surveillance. idea for easier identification, detection and recognition even at dark night.

  • Max 4K High long range Zoom lens to match

    High resolution offer clear image at each edge of image. Advanced WDR make backlight balance and produce clear and vivd image. Equiped with Max 45X optical zoom to detect and monitor about 1km range away.

  • Advanced H.265 compression

    H.265 make bitrate data reduce about 80% compared to H.264 technology. Maintain high quality video data and save more cost of transferring and storing. Compatible with most of NVR in the market.

  • Optimized for harsh environments

    Equiped with Auto Temp Control and cool system. Built-in fan and heater for harsh environments ensures best performance in extreme low and hot temperatures up to 70 °C and all the way down to -50 °C

  • Easy installation:

    Each part is individually molded. Quick-assembly structure can be quickly disassembled, convenient for installation and maintenance of the engineer. Match the wall mounting, celling and other installation Bracket.

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