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IRS2 IR speed Dome camera / Air Wiper

IRS2 model is an outdoor speed dome camera equipped with Max 5M, night vision up to 200 meters and 36x option zoom.  Endless 360 degrees rotation and variable speed. Adopt the patent air wiper detecting rain intelligently and removing water automatically. IP66 waterproof and IK10 grade adapt to normal operation in bad weather. Widely used in engineering, traffic, mines and other industries.
  • 2 MP resolution High quality 
  • Up to 200m IR night vision
  • Up to 36X optical zoom
  • Patent air wiper 
  • Water and dust resistant (IP66) and IK10
  • Auto tracking for human targets based on deep learning

For Speed Dome camera with mechanical wiper

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Optical Zoom

Read before you buy

Please read our instruction carefully before you buy.
1. We offer three speed dome (IRS, IRS2 and IR6)  to support online purchase, and the price you see is final selling price. So don't doubt that we will increase the price after you order.
2. The shipping cost incurred will be different because of the weight of the product and the place of receipt. Please submit your correct address for us to calculate the shipping cost. The shipping cost will be sent to you in a later email. You can also calculate the shipping cost by yourself online based on the specifications below.

  • IRS, IRS2 model:  ( Weight:8Kg; Package:33X33X51CM )
  • IR6 Model: ( Wight:8.5kg; Package: 45X45X35CM)

3. If you have a freight forwarder in China, we can send it to your forwarder for free.
4. If you buy more and want to know all speed dome line & Quotation, Feel free to email us by

The World's First “Air wiper”

Patented invisible wiper Technology. By Smart rain sensor,Camera can clear Rainwater & Deducting automatically. Extremely suitable for the harshest environment.

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  • IRS2 Air Wiper

    Clear rainwater timely and no rain drop, speed dome Camera glass will never be hurt for using invisible wiper. This kinds of wiper can work is up to 60 months.

    IRS2 Smart wiper will stop working automatically. There's no rain masks/drops on lens glass.

    Smart wiper can make dedusting and do not hurt glass for using advanced technology, that will help to provide high quality image.

  • Mechanical wiper

    Camera glass will be scratched for using wiper and it will deliver blurred image and Image will be easily sheltered. This kinds of Wiper function usually started by manual. It lifetime is about 3-10 months.
    Normally it to make wiper stop working only by human operation. Rain traces will be stayed on glass after rain stopped.

    No Dust removal function because Mechanical wiper will hurt glass surface. To clean dust only can be made by human operation.

  • Built-in Antenna

    Minimalist design with built-in wireless antenna to achieve beautiful and lossless signal Wireless transmission at the same time.

  • Work under Harsh Environment

    High strenght aluminun alloy housing with automotive grade painting, To perform Good corrosion resistance and heat dissipation and withstand extreme climate changes. They're compliance IP66、IK10 、6KV lightning、etc.

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