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  • 1080p Full HD SONY 1/2.8” CMOS
  • 20x option zoom.
  • Max 200m for night vision. 
  • Support PoE and wifi, Auto-tracking.  
  • -45˚C ~ +70˚C. 
  • Max 125GB Built-in SD memory
  • IP66 waterproof
  • Support Onvif. 

  • Name: MicroSD Memory Card

    Capacity: 64GB&128GB&256GB

    Memory Type: Micro SD

    Speed: 200Megabytes/S

    Size: 0.59x0.03x0.43 inches

    Weight: 0.18 ounces

    • Supports 180-degree panoramic view capturing 110°images
    • PTZ technology, suitable for fast locking and tracking
    • 23x optical zoom
    • Starlight HD quality.
    • day and night full colormax 150m.


    AI Smart tracking:

    • Patent vision algorithm,
    • automatic calibration,
    • accurate spot-area linkage algorithm
    • face detection,
    • humam detection,
    • vehicle detection,  
    • licenseplate recognition



    The DORI (detect, observe, recognize, identify) distance gives the general idea of the camera ability to distinguish persons or objects within its field of view.

    • Max target trucking: 20/min
    • Max moving target locking:>60
    • Minimum moving target detect pixel 3x3
    • Target tracking switching time: less than 0.4s
    • Face can be detected distance: 70m
    • Face can be recognized distance:50m
    • Human can be detected distance:150m
    • Vehicle can be detected distance:200m


    Available models: FTD AI 2322D (2X2.8mm, 5mm~117mm) (2Bullet/1PTZ)

    300W 180AH Solar Panel Energy Power System

        Recommend system: (support one speed dome camera)

        • working 1-2 days:  200W+120AH
        • working 3-5 days:  300W+180AH
        • working 5-10 days:  400W+240AH


        Package Included:

        100W Solar Panel: 

        • Type: Monocrystalline silicon;  
        • Power: up to 100W
        • Working range: -40°-85°;      
        • Working voltage: 18V
        • Frame material: high quality aluminum alloy
        • Conversion performance: 18%;   
        • Dimensions: 150*54cm
        • Weight: 8.3KG;                 
        • Service life: >25 years


        60AH Ternary lithium battery:

        12V 60AH ternary polymer lithium battery, 

        protection circuit, overshoot protection, over discharge protection, short circuit protection, over current protection, high temperature protection.

        High energy density, small size, no need to bury, long life, more than 1000 charge and discharge times.


        Digital display controller:

        Intelligent digital display, working status at a glance, support the maximum charge and discharge current 30A 12V overshoot, anti-over-discharge. Trickle charging to extend battery life.


        Boost power supply:

        12V boost 24V power supply for 24V dome


        Stainless steel waterproof box:

        Standard 40*50 cm stainless steel equipment box, used to place batteries, controllers, switches and other accessories, send a pole bracket, to prevent battery plug-in, better protect the battery.


        Solar panel bracket:

        Solar panel double board bracket set + single board bracket set (can be pole, roof, ground multiple installation)


        Comes with accessories:

        The solar panel includes a custom 3 m cable (no need to manually wire),

        1 m 12V DC line, and the bridge uses POE power supply module.

        The battery board is assembled with a wrench and the controller is mounted with a screwdriver.


        IR6 Series IP HD High IR Dome Camera

        Main Used in the matt and light weak places for a wide range of high-definition quality monitoring. Coaxial control, video transmission distance up to 500M,

        30X optical zoom,IR distance 500m,

        weather proof grade IP66.


        Main features:

        • Speed Dome Outdoor IP Camera,Waterproof IP66
        • High Resolution 2.0MP CMOS Sensor
        • Lens: 20X optical zoom (90 Degrees)
        • 12Pcs array leds supplement light(Support color night vision),
        • 50M IR Night Vision
        • Built-in Microphone,Support Two Way Audio Talk
        • P2P Motion Detect, Video lost, Network Break
        • Wireless Protocols : 802.11b/g/n, 150Mbps, 10-30m
        • Support Iphone, Android Smart phone
        • PTZ: rotates 360 degrees left and right and rotates 90 degrees verticall


         HD image resolution:

        full real-time 1080P high-resolution visible light image and 960P resolution thermal imaging image are provided. The built-in gamma compensation, color enhancement and digital detail enhancement (DDE) engine provides excellent HD video images and fine image detail.

        Multi-spectral all-weather imaging:

        visible light, infrared thermal imaging detection and laser light supplement are integrated to adapt to a variety of adverse weather conditions. At night, all black, low light, low contrast, direct sunlight, shrub and jungle areas, severe rain, snow, smoke and haze weather environment can be effective imaging.

        It provides real-time visual assessment and visual alarm recognition, fire detection, area invasion, target tracking and alarm, and provides all-weather motion detection and clear and transparent moving images high-strength anti-earthquake and anti-strong wind structure, increase the service life of the product, improve the stability of long-term use. Equipped with sunshade, windshield wiper and heating dehumidifier system, keep lens clean and provide clear image at any time.

        Protection grade:

        fully sealed design, the whole three anti-spraying treatment including stainless steel screws, joints, leads and other related accessories to meet the three anti-(moisture, mildew, salt spray) requirements. Constant temperature, waterproof, dustproof, anti-corrosion, lightning protection, anti-surge, anti-surge function, protection grade IP66.

        Intelligent tracking:

        after the target is detected by thermal imaging, the linked cloud platform can automatically track the target through thermal imaging or visible image.

        High precision PTZ:

        high precision stepper motor, providing multiple high precision preset position and self-learning trajectory, using full digital control, can be arbitrary rapid positioning and continuous tracking scan, to achieve full range, no blind spot monitoring, support self-locking.

        Stable and reliable:

        integrated alloy die-casting shell, original new.

        The Ceiling / Pendant Mount is used with the corresponding fengtaida Ptz equipment and is not sold separately.

          Corner Mount is used with the corresponding equipment and is not sold separately.

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