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300W 180AH Solar Panel Energy Power System

300W 180AH Solar Panel Energy Power System


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Max 300W 180AH Solar Panel Energy Power System

Ensure uninterrupted power supply with the Max 300W 180AH Solar Panel Energy Power System. This versatile system is designed to support one speed dome camera and can work continuously for 1-2 days with 200W+120AH, 3-5 days with 300W+180AH, and 5-10 days with 400W+240AH.

Key Components:

  • 300W Solar Panel: Monocrystalline silicon type with up to 100W power, high-quality aluminum alloy frame, wide working range (-40°-85°), and a service life of over 25 years.
  • 180AH Ternary Lithium Battery: 12V 60AH battery with protection circuit, high energy density, small size, and over 1000 charge and discharge cycles.
  • Digital Display Controller: Intelligent display for easy monitoring, supporting a maximum charge and discharge current of 30A 12V, with overshoot and anti-over-discharge protection.
  • Boost Power Supply: 12V to 24V power supply for 24V dome.
  • Stainless Steel Waterproof Box: Standard 40*50 cm stainless steel equipment box for secure placement of batteries, controllers, and switches.
  • Solar Panel Bracket: Double board bracket set + single board bracket set for versatile installation options on poles, roofs, or the ground.

Package Includes:

  • Custom 3m cable for the solar panel
  • 1m 12V DC line
  • POE power supply module for the bridge

With easy assembly and a comprehensive set of accessories, the Max 300W 180AH Solar Panel Energy Power System is a reliable and efficient power solution for various applications.

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