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How to Calculate Wattage Needs of Solar Panels and lithium batteries for Speed dome camera

People living in areas without power are suffering. In many cases it is because security and property are being violated by Bad men. Installing security cameras can ensure the safety of those living in these areas.
Choosing solar panel system to provide a supplement of sucurity cameras is simple. But how to calculate the right needs and sizing is something that requires knowledge of physics to help.



Step 1: Estimating load wattage of the camera

We can find out the power consumption of this cctv camera from the product manual. This is a very simple way. Another complex methods is to calculate the power consumption of camera by the voltage and the current of the camera.

For example, the voltage of the speed dome camera is 12V and the input current is 1.5 AH. then the Load power of this camera is 18 watts. Of course this power refers to the data per hour. The power consumed in a day would need to be multiplied by 24 hours to calculate.

Estimating Loading Wattage of Fengtaida Speed dome camera:

  • 8-10W: IR6  (Low Power Function)
  • 10-12W: IRS. IRS2


Step 2: How to the battery capacity

If you like the speed dome camera to work continuously for 2 days in cloudy or rainy day. So how many capacity of lithium batteries do we need? The calculation formula is as follows:

Battery capacity = Camera Wattage *24 *2 / battery voltage

How to Know the rated voltage of the lithium battery? You can easily find it from the product manual, or directly consult your seller.

Assuming that the power of the camera is 10W and the output voltage of the battery is 12V. You want camera working with 2 days( No sun).  then the battery capacity needed is: 
10W*24 hours * 2 days / 12V = 40Ah


Step 3: Select the Requirements of solar panel;

Please remember this simple formula:

Requirement Power = (Camera Wattage* 24H + Camera Wattage* rainy days* 24H/recharge days) / hours of sun exposure

If the length of exposure is 5 hours per day. The duration of cloudy and rainy days is 2 days and you still like the camera to keep working in these days. and the number of days to recharge is 2 days.
Then You need the final the power of the solar panel:

That's mean you need buy minimum 100W solar panel to match your security camera.


After purchasing our IR6 Speed dome camera, it is particularly suitable for use in places where there is no electricity. If you want the camera to continue to be used without the sun for 2days, the recommended solar system is 100W-60Ah system. It is a good choice.



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