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How to find best speed dome security camera easily in China?

In the security industry,  every year Most of CCTV factory in China produces many new security products, so how to choose a Best company, how to choose a reliable security camera manufacturers?  this is worth the majority of security camera wholesale and Distributor to think about.

In fact, every industry is the same, choose a good product and a good manufacturer are the premise of your success. So how should we go about choosing the right one and can help themselves.

How to choose a reliable Best budget outdoor PTZ camera supplier, you need to establish and use a comprehensive supplier evaluation index system, the supplier to make a specific, objective evaluation.

Comprehensive consideration of the supplier's performance, equipment management, human resources development, quality control, cost control, technology development, user satisfaction, delivery agreements and other aspects that may affect the supply chain partnership.

1、Look at the qualification/quality control of Wholesale Factory

With legal business qualifications and site specifications to meet the standards of the supplier in order to have the basis for continuous production and stable supply, will not be shut down because of various factors such as non-standard, illegal, resulting in downstream enterprises out of stock and associated illegal risks. Have a professional, perfect, strictly enforced quality control system and traceability system is the basic guarantee of quality for Security factory in China!

2、look at the brand of Security camera Company

In the cctv industry category is the brand, What kind of suppliers you work with can see the value orientation of the enterprise, which is why today the circle culture is becoming more and more prominent, selling inferior goods and the pursuit of quality, tasteful consumer groups are increasingly distant from the reason.

3、Look at the R&D innovation ability of Wholesale security camera Factory

Having a professional innovation team is the basis for continuous innovation. Over time the speed dome products must be sold cheaper and cheaper, so it is especially important to enhance profit growth through continuous innovation and create personalization.

4、Look at the service of Wholesale Company

First of all, we must have a heart to serve consumers ---- is their problem, immediately solve; not their problem, to assist in solving. Not only product services, but also to assist in solving or providing some value-added services such as information and market analysis, policy analysis, etc. outside of professional technology.

5、Look at product layout and planning

Know how to forward-looking analysis of consumer structure changes, and reasonably promote customers to transform and change. Timely iteration to win the favor of consumers at different stages, to achieve cooperation to create value, rather than a simple transaction, the only way not to be eliminated.

6、look at business ethics 

Dealing Honestly business and do not do kickbacks, not in the transaction to increase marginal costs. visits should be conducted, through the "look, smell, ask, cut" to verify their verbal expressions or brochures, websites and other publicity whether there are exaggerated elements.

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