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30X 4K IRS2 IR outdoor speed Dome camera with Air Wiper

30X 4K IRS2 IR outdoor speed Dome camera with Air Wiper


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IRS2 model is an outdoor speed dome camera equipped with Max 4K, night vision up to 200 meters and 32x option zoom. Endless 360 degrees rotation and variable speed. Adopt the patent air wiper detecting rain intelligently and removing water automatically. IP66 waterproof and IK10 grade adapt to normal operation in bad weather. Widely used in engineering, traffic, mines and other industries. This outdoor speed dome camera is built for performance and durability. Enjoy a crisp, clear image in any lighting and see up to 200 meters with night vision. Easily zoom in and out with the 32x optical zoom and effortlessly sweep your coverage area with endless 360-degree rotation. Plus, the Air Wiper patent will keep your camera functioning in even the toughest conditions. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with secure, reliable surveillance.



    For Speed Dome camera with mechanical wiper


    The World's First “Air wiper”Patented invisible wiper Technology.
    By Smart rain sensor,Camera can clear Rainwater & Deducting automatically. Extremely suitable for the harshest environment. Clear rainwater timely and no rain drop, speed dome Camera glass will never be hurt for using invisible wiper. This kinds of wiper can work is up to 60 months. IRS2 Smart wiper will stop working automatically. There's no rain masks/drops on lens glass. Smart wiper can make dedusting and do not hurt glass for using advanced technology, that will help to provide high quality image.

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